Hager & Werken

Xilitol Drops

Tooth friendly drops sweets with 100% natural Xylitol – sugar free

  • Anti caries and anti plaque effect, re-mineralising
  • Stimulates saliva production (ideal in xerostomia)
  • Free of aspartame, sorbitol, lactose and gluten
  • Suitable for diabetics
  • Cool and refreshing taste
Article Description Form of Delivery REF
Xylitol Drops MelonPack with 26 drops (content: 60g)630170
Xylitol Drops CherryPack with 26 drops (content: 60g)630171
Xylitol Drops MintPack with 26 drops (content: 60g)630172
Xylitol Drops Dispenser BoxBox with 100 drops assorted635183