Hager & Werken


Fissure stamp for composite fillings

  • Easy, good and fast occlusal modulation of lateral composite fillings
  • No more manual modulation of the occlusal surfaces
  • Translucent plastic, may be disinfected
  • Polymerisation by placing the lamp onto the stamp
  • Molar and premolar disposable stamp in 16 different sizes and shapes, separated into upper/lower jaw and right/left jaw
  • The tooth number is stated on the stamp top for an easy identification
Article Description Form of Delivery REF
Intro-Kit with 32 stamps (16 x 2 pcs.)605494
Set with 160 stamps (16 x 10 pcs.)605477
Дополнительные блоки с 10 шт. доступны по запросу в 16 размерах