Hager & Werken

Comfort Dreams

Relaxation headphones for patients

  • Relaxation and comfort for the patient
  • Volume Management Technology – manages output volume up to 82 dBA
  • Reduces noises (reduction rating 25 dB)
  • For playing MP3, mobile phones or other audio devices
  • Includes 10 hygienic “Comfort Pads” (ear cushions)
  • Comfort Dream Intro Kit includes: Stereo headphones, 3.5 mm replacement audio cable and 10 “Comfort Pads” (ear cushions)
Article Description Form of Delivery REF
Comfort Dreams Intro KitContent: 1 pcs.355555
Comfort Dreams, cool padsContent: 100 pcs.355556
Comfort Dreams, replacement cableContent: 1 pcs.355557