Hager & Werken


Disposable impression tray from white plastic

  • Inexpensive and solid, mouldability when heated
  • Excellent retention of the impression material by special “retention baskets”
  • Practical: can be labelled with felt-tip pen
  • Complete tray available in six sizes
Article Description Form of Delivery REF
Upper S3 largeBox of 50 pcs.101142
Upper S2 mediumBox of 50 pcs.101141
Upper S1 smallBox of 50 pcs.101140
Lower I3 largeBox of 50 pcs.101145
Lower I2 mediumBox of 50 pcs.101144
Lower I1 smallBox of 50 pcs.101143
Assortment I: 50 full/partial tray in 9 sizes, assorted:Box of 50 pcs.101149
Size: I2 S2 S3 S1 I1 I3 PL PR PM101149
Content: 10 10 5 5 5 5 3 3 4101149