Hager & Werken


Autoclavable plastic impression tray

  • Transparent, limited mouldability slightly heated, yet sturdy
  • High retention of the impression material is obtained by special “retention baskets”
  • Practical: can be labelled with felt-tip pen
  • Available in three sizes
Article Description Form of Delivery REF
Miratray 140° Set assortedPcs.: 6101155
Miratray 140° Upper AS 1Size: small Pcs.: 6101156
Miratray 140° Upper AS 2Size: medium Pcs.: 6101157
Miratray 140° Upper AS 3Size: large Pcs.: 6101158
Miratray 140° Lower AI 1Size: small Pcs.: 6101160
Miratray 140° Lower AI 2Size: medium Pcs.: 6101161
Miratray 140° Lower AI 3Size: large Pcs.: 6101162