Hager & Werken


Adhesive periodontal dressing based on cellulose

  • To be applied directly to wounds, sutures and pressure spots
  • Keeps out bacteria and assists the healing process
  • Remains up to 30 hours and is self dissolving
  • Ideal for protection of wounds and sutures in implantology, periodontics, in orthodontics and prosthetics – even on damp and bleeding wounds
  • Ideal as a medicament carrier
  • Patient-friendly as it stays soft, is odorless and neutral in taste
Article Description Form of Delivery REF
Reso-Pac single tubeContent: 25 g155011
Reso-Pac 5er PackContent: 5 Tubes - 25 g each155010
Reso-Pac single-use cupContent: 50 x 2 g155014